Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KLF - The Grocery Pantry Program

Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes has The Grocery Pantry Program, which assists the people of Kalamazoo in finding the nearest food pantry. 

Anyone in Kalamazoo County can call the KLF Call Center and they will be directed to the pantry site most convenient to them. This call requires no paperwork or qualifications, and they are able to go to that location the same day and pick up food. 

The KLF call center
This is the board that the call center uses to direct people to food pantries. When a location says "STOP" next to it, that means KLF has sent the maximum amount of people to that pantry that it can take in one day.

There are twenty six different pantry sites strategically located throughout Kalamazoo County. They are on or near bus routes or within walking distance to neighborhoods in need.

Each yellow dot is a pantry location

When the person gets to the pantry, they receive a four day supply of nutritious food based on the size of their household, which they get to pick out themselves.

The day that I toured KLF and saw the Call Center in person, I turned around and saw this -->

I was in shock.

This is my hometown. These are my people. And 522 of them received food assistance in one day. It's unbelievable. But it's real.

This is what $20.00 in food looks like :

Twenty bucks isn't much, right? Skip the Starbucks drive through four mornings this month, and use that money to buy food for KLF! It's that simple :) The food wish list item for January is Beef Stew, but you can buy any canned good or non perishable item (most of the cans pictured here were less than a dollar!)

I've decided to add a little bonus to my car challenge as well. Whoever donates the most food gets a gift card (place of your choice)! Email me at if you'd like to arrange a time for me to pick up your donation! Or click here to go to the KLF website and make a money donation.

Be the change. Make the difference.

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