Wednesday, May 18, 2016


So if you run a race, there are professional photographers hiding throughout the course to try and take terrible photos of you. At my 10K run, there were about a million of them. The pictures are scary. I look REALLY pissed. And my legs look weird. And my hair is everywhere. And I'm all sweaty and red. And I look pissed! 

At first I wasn't going to share any with you because of all those insecurity reasons above. Then I realized what a hypocrite that would make me. It would be doing the exact opposite of what I have been preaching all this time about
 Girls on the Run! About loving yourself and your body, and how Jack Calves mean your legs are strong and you CAN run 10Ks, and how to be comfortable in your body and healthy. is one. 

FINE. Here is two.

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If you cannot tell, the one on the left is a little earlier on in the race...the one on the right is the home stretch (the 5K walkers are behind me, which made me feel like I was going REALLY fast!). I am proud of these pictures and proud of myself for accomplishing this beast of a goal I set for myself! Hope you enjoy a look inside the race!

Be the change. Make the difference.

Monday, May 9, 2016

I survived my 10K!

It was completely insane. Something I never thought I would be able to do. I was full of emotion right before starting the race because when I really think about it I just can't believe I can run 6.2 miles without dying. And even more emotion because my husband's band was playing on the course and chanted my name when I ran by. And because my sister and her family, and my dad were all there cheering me on. And because my mom got up even earlier than all the rest of them, on Mother's Day, to get her spot at the finish line and see me finish.

The actual race flew by. My Jack Calves were screaming for about the first mile until I got into a rhythm, and realized how fast I was going. Once I slowed down, and got into it, I felt okay. There were some hills that I hadn't really trained for, but survived. I was able to keep about an eleven minute pace, which is fast for me, and finish at one hour and eight minutes! I knew I COULD finish under an hour and a half. My goal was to make it under an hour and fifteen. As soon as I came around that home stretch and saw the clock, I sprinted mostly out of excitement, because I had beaten my goal by so much.

I was able to meet the nice people from Girls on the Run, who were very appreciative of our fundraising we did for them. They were so nice and so encouraging. The total amount raised was $170, which is enough to cover a little more than one registration fee for a Girls on the Run girl!

Not only was I able to do something I never thought I could, but I was able to help others while doing it. And I just cannot describe to you how that feels. I am very proud of myself for doing this, and making a difference while doing it. I don't say that to toot my own horn, but to tell you now...if there is ANYTHING you are thinking about doing, but you are to afraid to commit, do it. Whatever it is, you have to try, and you have to work at it. Even when it is hard and you are tired and don't think you can. You can, and you should, and it will be the best thing ever. I promise you.

Be the change. Make the difference.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

becoming a runner.

Before becoming a runner!

I mentioned my Jack Calves before, and I've been thinking a lot about them, and why I'm happy I became a runner. I've told you about my struggle with anorexia, and my body image issues. I know I had a very blessed childhood, very supportive family and people in my life, and know there was no REAL reason to feel so down about myself. I had lots of positive people in my life, but I personally needed more. 

After becoming a runner!

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I'm convinced no matter what, every female is going to have different appearance issues with themselves, no matter what you try to do to avoid it. I had no reason to feel bad about myself. I was a pretty girl growing up. I didn't NEED to lose weight. 

However, when I started running, I also stopped drinking pop. The pop thing was unrelated initially, and primarily because I detoxed after I had my wisdom teeth pulled. This was a deadly combination for about a month or so while my body adjusted to the new addition and lack of large amounts of sugar I used to consume. Again, I know now I didn't need to lose weight, but once I made these two big and healthy changes, I lost ten pounds. 

It was a huge thing for me, because for so long I was trying to desperately to change how I looked in the worst way possible. By living off crumbs and scraps, maybe one full meal a day, and all the caffeine I could find. Instead I became addicted to the feeling after a run. When you can't catch your breath and you are covered in sweat and your legs might be numb, but your heart is pumping because it is healthy, and your lungs are gasping because you are alive and you gave them a good workout. I became addicted to feeling good, instead of being addicted to seeing how long I could go without eating something healthy.

Learning the right way to take care of yourself early on is so important, so that you don't have to struggle on your own as an adult. Girls on the Run is committed to helping girls love themselves and develop healthy lifestyles early on. So far, we have raised $170 thanks to Mom, Dad, Aunt Barb, Kathy and Kellie! Help us meet the goal of $320 by clicking here to donate to GOTR!

OR you can come out and cheer me on THIS SUNDAY at my race! I am running the 10K at the Kalamazoo Marathon! My husband's band is also playing at Spring Valley Park during the race, so you can watch from there :)

Be the change. Make the difference.   

Saturday, April 30, 2016

why $320

I received an awesome packet in the mail this week from Girls on the Run! They sent me some awesome socks, tattoos, an encouraging letter and some photos. I am REALLY excited about these socks...I just hope they fit over my Jack Calves! 

Race day is getting closer, and time is running out to donate! In order for a girl to participate in Girls on the Run, they have to register and are asked to pay a program fee. The normal fee is $160 per girl for a ten week program including lessons, two shirts, a pair of running shoes from Gazelle Sports, a water bottle, registration for the end of the season 5K and a finisher medallion.

Thanks to YOUR donations, GOTR is able to offer this program fee based on what a family can afford, so not every family has to come up with the full amount. I hear having kids is hard and expensive, and every activity they participate in costs money. With your donation you can help a young girl in Kalamazoo start building healthy habits at an early age! 

My goal is to raise enough money for TWO registration fees. Right now, we are at $75...which is awesome, but we have a little ways to go! Click here to make a donation, and don't forget to come out on May 8th and watch me run while listening to Royal Blue!

Be the change. Make the difference.  

Monday, April 25, 2016

starting to panic.

My race is in 13 days. I've been running four times a week. Three short runs and one long run. 

This past week, my short runs have been rough. My shin splints all the sudden decided to come back and I'm getting a little panicked about it. Since I got my most recent pair of shoes, I have not had one single issue with shin splints. Now, all the sudden, THIS CLOSE to race day, they start again. My #1 coach (and husband) is telling me to take shorter steps, and probably in his head telling me to call the heck down! But I'm starting to panic!

My long run yesterday was not terrible....and I almost did a Cory Dean victory celebration when I finished. I made it 6 miles! That is the longest I've ever run in life! My shin splints were bad for about the first two miles, and then I forced myself to zone out and not think about what my body was doing. Also, I tried to name every resident on my property in order of address. And it worked! Pretty soon I was cruising and done with 6 miles!

I know in my head, even if race day comes and my shin splints are ripping my calves apart, I'm still going to run. It's just annoying to have been feeling so good about my running condition and have them start up again! Any prayers you can send up would be great :) Hopefully I can zone out again if they continue to make an appearance.

Also, if you haven't donated yet, click HERE to support GOTR and help young girls in Kalamazoo learn to build a healthy lifestyle early on. My race is May 8th, so come cheer me on!

Be the change. Make the difference.