Wednesday, May 4, 2016

becoming a runner.

Before becoming a runner!

I mentioned my Jack Calves before, and I've been thinking a lot about them, and why I'm happy I became a runner. I've told you about my struggle with anorexia, and my body image issues. I know I had a very blessed childhood, very supportive family and people in my life, and know there was no REAL reason to feel so down about myself. I had lots of positive people in my life, but I personally needed more. 

After becoming a runner!

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I'm convinced no matter what, every female is going to have different appearance issues with themselves, no matter what you try to do to avoid it. I had no reason to feel bad about myself. I was a pretty girl growing up. I didn't NEED to lose weight. 

However, when I started running, I also stopped drinking pop. The pop thing was unrelated initially, and primarily because I detoxed after I had my wisdom teeth pulled. This was a deadly combination for about a month or so while my body adjusted to the new addition and lack of large amounts of sugar I used to consume. Again, I know now I didn't need to lose weight, but once I made these two big and healthy changes, I lost ten pounds. 

It was a huge thing for me, because for so long I was trying to desperately to change how I looked in the worst way possible. By living off crumbs and scraps, maybe one full meal a day, and all the caffeine I could find. Instead I became addicted to the feeling after a run. When you can't catch your breath and you are covered in sweat and your legs might be numb, but your heart is pumping because it is healthy, and your lungs are gasping because you are alive and you gave them a good workout. I became addicted to feeling good, instead of being addicted to seeing how long I could go without eating something healthy.

Learning the right way to take care of yourself early on is so important, so that you don't have to struggle on your own as an adult. Girls on the Run is committed to helping girls love themselves and develop healthy lifestyles early on. So far, we have raised $170 thanks to Mom, Dad, Aunt Barb, Kathy and Kellie! Help us meet the goal of $320 by clicking here to donate to GOTR!

OR you can come out and cheer me on THIS SUNDAY at my race! I am running the 10K at the Kalamazoo Marathon! My husband's band is also playing at Spring Valley Park during the race, so you can watch from there :)

Be the change. Make the difference.   

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