Monday, April 25, 2016

starting to panic.

My race is in 13 days. I've been running four times a week. Three short runs and one long run. 

This past week, my short runs have been rough. My shin splints all the sudden decided to come back and I'm getting a little panicked about it. Since I got my most recent pair of shoes, I have not had one single issue with shin splints. Now, all the sudden, THIS CLOSE to race day, they start again. My #1 coach (and husband) is telling me to take shorter steps, and probably in his head telling me to call the heck down! But I'm starting to panic!

My long run yesterday was not terrible....and I almost did a Cory Dean victory celebration when I finished. I made it 6 miles! That is the longest I've ever run in life! My shin splints were bad for about the first two miles, and then I forced myself to zone out and not think about what my body was doing. Also, I tried to name every resident on my property in order of address. And it worked! Pretty soon I was cruising and done with 6 miles!

I know in my head, even if race day comes and my shin splints are ripping my calves apart, I'm still going to run. It's just annoying to have been feeling so good about my running condition and have them start up again! Any prayers you can send up would be great :) Hopefully I can zone out again if they continue to make an appearance.

Also, if you haven't donated yet, click HERE to support GOTR and help young girls in Kalamazoo learn to build a healthy lifestyle early on. My race is May 8th, so come cheer me on!

Be the change. Make the difference. 

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