Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the cat room

At the Harbor Humane Society they have a cat room, which looks like this:

Most of the boxes have one cat in them. But there are some boxes that have a little door open to the next box, if the two cats get along. They put both cats in a room to see how they interact, and if they interact well, they share two boxes and can play together :)

As you can see, they had to put glass on the front of the boxes (the side guests view from) and then bars on the back (where only workers are allowed). This is because people often try to poke through the bars, and they didn't want the cats to be injured or agitated.  

In another post, I will show you some more close ups of the cats :)

For now, if you'd like to look at the cats available to adopt at HHS, visit their Petfinder by clicking here. Or if you'd like to buy one of my photographs to help the cats at HHS, click here.

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