Friday, March 18, 2011

vocational training

Another great thing about the Holland Rescue Mission is the Vocational Training that they offer.

The men have the opportunity to enroll in five different programs that give them training in different fields which help them prepare for a job outside the Mission.

The five programs include:

*The Commercial, Custodial and Floor Care Program

-Runs for 15 weeks
-Classes in: Blood Borne Pathogens, Housekeeping, Restrooms, Floor Care, Area Cleaning such as elevators, food prep areas, and hospital and retail environments

*The Culinary Arts Training Institute
-Assist in catering Holland Rescue Mission banquets
-On site training through helping serve and prepare meals at the Mission
-Work with Lighthouse Catering

Mike, Ben and Frank in the Culinary Arts Training Institute

*Auto Mechanics/Auto Body Program
-work on cars that are donated to the Mission
-able to job shadow at local businesses to learn more about the trade

*Ministry Vocational Training Track
-one year program
-geared for those who want to pursue and lay a foundation for ministry

*Building Trades Vocational Training Track
-learn construction, trim, cabinetry, roofing, siding and portions of the business aspect of building

These programs are a great way to help the men learn a specific trade and get them back on their feet right away. 

Pictured above are the guys I was able to meet on my tour, who are a part of the Culinary Program. They were so nice and genuinely excited to be there to learn. Frank is the man in charge--he has been at the Mission for years and is a true inspiration to those in the program.

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