Wednesday, June 8, 2011

these are my kids.

I'm not a mother yet, but these are my kids. Five nieces and nephews, with two more on the way this year. 

I'm not a mother yet, and I can't comprehend the love and connection between a mother and a child.

But I've seen the pain in my own parent's eyes when I've been hurt, or in some kind of pain they cannot fix themselves.


And I've felt the pain in my heart when any of the five of those little ones are sad, scared or hurt. 

I would walk through fire for them. I would sell everything I own to save one of their lives. I would give my life to save one of theirs in a heartbeat. 

It's easy to say things like "that won't ever happen to me" or "the chances are so few"...but make it personal. Think about the little ones in your life. If something was wrong with them, wouldn't you give anything to fix it?

And if you knew something only you had could save someones life, wouldn't you do it?

Click here. Be the one to save a life. 

Be the change. Make the difference.

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