Monday, June 4, 2012


You know what annoys me? How you can turn on the news and see nothing but bad. 

"Husband runs over wife" 

"Memorial Day Homicide" 

"Sturgis Man Douses Son With Lighter Fluid, Threatens to Ignite Him"

WHAT?! First of all, there is really no way to address any of those issues, let alone make sense of them. Second of all, why does it always have to be such bad news? Very rarely you see information about something good happening in the community, and even then it is sandwiched between a million other negative stories.

I'm also annoyed because it always seems so hard to find the good news. Or the good events that are happening to support a good cause. Shouldn't there be more ways to find out how to help?

Well, it's here. And now. Among other things, I'm turning this blog into your constant update of events and things you can do to get involved in our community. Because saving the world shouldn't really be that hard. And I want to make it as easy as possible. 

So keep checking back, and feel free to send me any events you know about that I can pass along as well [] 

Be the change. Make the difference.