Saturday, July 14, 2012

wild fire tees.

There are a lot of tragic things that happen in the world. A lot of terribly awful tragic things that happen which we have no control over. Things we see on the news that make your mouth drop in shock, with no words to say. 

Things like the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Things like this you want to help with, but the question is how

That's where Wild Fire Tees comes in. I was reading the news the other day, and came across a news article about how just a few small business owners and designers got together in Colorado Springs to figure out a way to help. Their original goal was to design and sell t-shirts, enough to raise $1500.

They surpassed that goal. By 21,300 percent. 

Within six days, they raised $320,000 to give to the Colorado Red Cross and Care and Share food bank, who are both on the front lines of the wildfire.

Since the amount of orders came pouring in, they have created a "round two" of shirts, which 100% of proceeds will go to Colorado Fire Relief Fund 2012 and immediate local wildfire relief. You are also able to buy a shirt to give to a firefighter working the flames. 

Now, I'm a sucker for a good, comfy t-shirt. But I'm even more of a sucker for a good, comfy t-shirt that helps save the world. Especially when they say great things like "More disco, less inferno," "Let's see your best rain dance," and "Stay Wild" (see pic!).

If you want to help out the people in Colorado, some who have lost everything, all you have to do is buy a shirt. Not into shirts like me? Start your Christmas shopping and buy one for someone on your list. It's as easy as that, folks.

Click here to order yours now! I'll show you mine when it gets here!

Be the change. Make the difference.

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