Friday, August 31, 2012

RAK - maggie

Here is the first RAK (Random Act of Kindness) story from one of my readers, and one of my favorite aunts, Maggie!

"I went to a senior health expo today. When I was leaving a 90 year old woman was in the parking lot. She was tired as she had been searching the parking lot for her car and couldn't find it. Had her get in my car so we could drive around the college parking lot to find it. She was just going to wait for 2-3 hours til all the cars were gone and the last one there would be hers! Drove her around for 10 minutes and we found a different lot from the one she was first searching!  Great conversation, a few good laughs and a bright spot in my day!"

Mag & Me!
Send me your story at ALSO if you have things to donate to Ashleigh's school let me know--I'll be heading there next weekend! 

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