Wednesday, September 19, 2012

love trumps grief.

Sometimes things in life happen that make no sense, whatsoever. I consider myself a person with good faith, and try to trust in God's plan and timing. But when something happens that is so heartbreaking and devastating, what do you do?

Remember these two sweet faces? 

Andrew and Matthew Akin

I introduced you to them in June 2011 when we talked about the Matthew and Andrew Akin Foundation. Kristin and Justin unfortunately lost both of their sons, Matthew and Andrew, to HLH, (Hemophagpcytic Lymphohistiocytosis) which is a disease the effects the immune system. In some cases, the cure can be in a bone marrow transplant, however there is often not a match registered to complete the transplant. The Akin's have managed to take this heartbreak, and turn it into several different amazing things.

First, the father who lost two sons to this horrible disease committed to riding his bicycle from Texas to Chicago in order to raise awareness and funds for HLH research. However, on day two of his journey he crashed his bike and broke his shoulder. Naturally, this did not stop Justin, and after recovering he got back on the bike a year later to finish his journey. Each day of his journey was dedicated to a different child suffering with HLH, and he raised $17,030!

Second, after losing the two loves of their lives, Justin and Kristin decided they wanted another child. Since Kristin carries the rare mutation which causes HLH, they decided on adoption. They now have a beautiful, healthy baby boy named William

And finally, Kristin wrote a book telling their story, titled "Love Trumps Grief." This is going on my Christmas list, and I can't wait to read it! I think the title of the book says it all--despite all the hard times they went though, love wins in the end.

Click here to order your book, or here to visit the Matthew and Andrew Akin Foundation website to learn more or make a donation. OR better yet, sign up here to be a bone marrow donor.

Be the change. Make the difference.

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