Friday, September 7, 2012

school supplies!

I am heading over to see Ashleigh this weekend (after some family birthday fun, of course!), and I am really excited about it. We have a TON of stuff for her school--I can't wait to show her all of it.

Here is the grand total -- including a last minute donation from my dad:

*42 (24 packs) of crayons
*4 boxes of band aids
*2 large hanitizer for refills

*3 hanitizers
*7 hand soaps
*1 sticky note pad
*3 scotch tapes
*4 cans of wipes
*55 folders
*33 notebooks
*4 box of Kleenex
*308 pens
*390 pencils
*36 glue sticks
*16 (12 pack) colored pencils
*15 (10 pack) markers
*1550 sheets of paper
*6 dry erase markers
*12 highlighters
*17 rulers  

*2 (100 ct) ziplock bags
*4 elmer's glue

This is amazing to me mostly because when I think about it, there have only been six different people to donate this time around. But these six really are making a huge difference on the lives of the kids at Great Lakes Academy. Stay tuned next week for pictures of my visit!

Be the change. Make the difference.

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