Tuesday, September 11, 2012

school supply delivery!

On Monday I got to take all of our school supplies over to Ashleigh at Great Lakes Academy. Here is the final FINAL list (I had some more things added from my mom!):  

*42 (24 packs) of crayons               
*9 boxes of band aids                    
*2 large hanitizer for refills                   
*8 hanitizers                                         
*7 hand soaps                                            
*1 sticky note pad                                     
*3 scotch tapes                           
*4 cans of wipes                           
*55 folders                                
*53 notebooks                             
*4 box of Kleenex            
*308 pens
*582 pencils
*36 glue sticks
*16 (12 pack) colored pencils
*15 (10 pack) markers
*1550 sheets of paper
*6 dry erase markers
*32 highlighters
*32 rulers  

*2 (100 ct) ziplock bags
*4 elmer's glue 

I was able to meet a lot of the teachers and administration, as well as hang out with Ashleigh and her kids for a while. Not all of the kids had the supplies they needed to start the school year out. Some were sent with only a few things, but lacked some essentials like their own pencil to write with. Ashleigh also sent home a list of items needed for the classroom (with things like Kleenex, hanitizer, etc.), and not one thing was brought back. 

Miss Ashleigh showing the kids all the good stuff!


So, it was really great to see the excitement on the teachers and students faces seeing all of the supplies because they truly needed it. The kids were especially excited to be able to pick out there very own notebook to use as a journal. With all of our donations we were able to stock up Ashleigh's class with plenty left over to pass out to other classrooms! The kids helped us set out the rest of the supplies for other teachers to take, and Ashleigh said by lunch time that day all of it was gone.

It amazes me how every new thing I put on here, there is always a great outcome. Like I said previously, there were only six people who donated and this is what we did. And I still have items to collect from a seventh person (don't worry Lynne, I'll get your stuff!). 

Me with the kids from Ashleigh's class and the other third grade class.

This proves to me a few very important things. First, I have THE BEST family, friends and followers. This couldn't have happened without you. And second, a few people can make such a huge difference. So thank you, once again, to Mom, Jackie&Joffrey, Barb&Richie, Sharon, Denise and Dad&Susie. You guys are simply amazing.

Be the change. Make the difference.   


  1. I'm so proud of you, Jess! None of this could have happened without you and the hard work you do!!!

  2. Proud and happy Jessie that you have such a sense of giving and mission . . . hope Barbie was able to get the Journal Books to you in time . . .

  3. Thank you both! And Lynne, I will be getting the notebooks from her this weekend--seeing Ash again at the end of the month, so no worries!