Friday, December 6, 2013

friday five.

ONE. Thankful for awesome family and friends who always pitch into help out whatever crazy idea posted on here. 

TWO. Thankful for the ability to walk into a store and buy presents for those I love. 

THREE. Thankful for time with good friend and cousin, who now lives closer. 

FOUR. Thankful for never being without employment and feeling the overwhelming pressure of bills piling up that I can't take care of. 

FIVE.  Thankful for my husband and best friend, who turns twenty seven tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY! You are the best.

Be the change. Make the difference.

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  1. I've been attempting to get a Friday Five going on Facebook. Just a little attention so far. I won't give up, even if it's only me that week, that's OK. It's just such a great idea that I couldn't help but put it out there in another place. Thanks to you and Barb...