Monday, February 10, 2014

didn't we just fix that problem

It's another day at the office and I'm sitting in another intake interview, hearing someones story about how they ended up here. How they ended up sitting in an office telling their story to me, a stranger, hoping for help to get their own home again. The reasons for homelessness and emergency situations range from domestic violence issues, house fires, prison time, overcrowded units, condemned units, job loss, disabilities...and the list goes on.

Every time we house someone, I'm proud for the work we did to get them there, and hope we don't meet them least not in our office. Every time I hear a story that breaks my heart, and we get them safely stably housed, I'm proud.

Until the next person comes in, with a similar story and the same urgent need. And I'm sitting there thinking didn't we just fix this? Didn't we just solve this situation?

It's an overwhelming, sad feeling. Hearing stories and solving problems, just for a new batch of stories and problems to come in. And the appointments never end and the tears never stop once they start talking. 

What do we do?

We have to keep fighting. Yes, the line never ends. But yes, we are making progress. We are helping a lot of people. We are making a difference. And we have to keep fighting.

Click here to donate to HRI and help homeless individuals in Kalamazoo County. 

Be the change. Make the difference. 

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