Monday, March 10, 2014

all the reasons why.

In case you haven't been convinced Housing Resources needs YOUR help to continue helping homeless individuals in Kalamazoo county, here are some more reasons:

*Most of the money raised at our annual WALKING HOME event goes directly to our family shelter, the Eleanor House.
*HRI is a non-profit organization. We NEED donations in order to function and continue to serve those in need.

*Even with putting $1 million on the street last year, there is still a constant need of assistance in our county

*At any point, any family is just one crisis situation away from getting behind on rent/bills. 

*You want me to still have a job, right? :)

*In 2013, from January to October, the Eleanor House received 3,352 calls from people in need of shelter
*In the same time frame, the Eleanor House served sixty families. This translates to 142 children and 213 individuals. 

To make a donation online, click here OR you can get your donations to me by March 22nd OR you can come walk with us on March 22nd! We will meet at our family shelter, the Eleanor House.

Be the change. Make the difference. 

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