Wednesday, December 10, 2014

beanie babies

Remember all those years ago when everyone went batty over buying every single Beanie Baby in sight?! And remember how we all thought some of them would be worth thousands someday? Well...they are not. 

For those of you who may try and stick it out another 15 years "just in case"...kudos to you. But for now, my mom and Aunt Maggie have both lovingly passed on their collections. I say their collections specifically because while my cousins and I surely drove them crazy wanting every single one, they were the ones to foot the bill for them. 

So I am ever so grateful to have these cuties to pass out to our families next week at our Holiday party as Christmas gifts! I did keep the two that I'm pretty sure were the first ones we ever got...aren't they cute? 

But for the rest of them, each kid will get to pick at least one out to take home with them. Thank you ladies, you are the best :)

Be the change. Make the difference. 

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