Sunday, December 7, 2014

friday five.

Sometimes I'm not able to write these out on Fridays, but I am committed to taking time to think about all I am blessed with. And this week, there is a lot. So sorry this is late :)

ONE. Thankful the person who stole parts from our car only stole parts...not the whole car, not the other car, not anything irreplaceable, not coming close to either one of us.

TWO. Thankful for a fun holiday party to relax with my coworkers, and a surprise bonus to top it all off with.

THREE. Thankful for our support system who stepped up this week with a ride home, a hot bowl of chili or a coffee and a bagel. Little things you do to help mean so much.

FOUR. Thankful for chest pain that did not mean a heart attack for my mother. That she is okay and is able to keep digging to find out what is causing this to happen.

FIVE. Thankful for the best husband in the world who turns 28 today. I am so blessed every day by him, because he is the most selfless, most hilarious, most loving person and I am blessed to have him as my partner in life.

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