Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Party

Many many thanks to everyone who helped and/or donated items for our Holiday Party this week! We had our event on Monday and it was so much fun!    

We had dinner, and then each family was able to choose a family craft to work on. They could either decorate a tree or create a snowman family...and they were all so excited about it! 

Then at the end of the night we let the kids go into a separate room to pick out a few gifts to take, which included Beanie Babies from Mom and Aunt Maggie, some fun school supplies from Jackie, some knit hats from Galyn, and various toys. It was so nice to see how excited they got just by these small items. 

I am so thankful we had this opportunity to help celebrate the holiday season with our families in the Program. Thank you again to everyone who pitched in to make this happen! You truly made a difference in the lives of these families!

 Be the change. Make the difference.

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