Monday, December 22, 2014

little hats, big hearts

Almost a year ago, we were snowed in and bored. Cory and I decided to teach ourselves how to knit. So, during our outing to the store we picked up a ball of yarn and some needles, came home and googled it. After watching videos repeatedly Cory finally figured it out and explained it to me. Since then, he has moved on but I have spent all year making Christmas presents for practically everyone I know.

My mom taught herself crochet this year as well, and two of my aunts are knitters. It was two weeks or so before the Christmas when my aunt found an article to about the Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign, and immediately signed us all up.

Of course, I stressed. I still had another hat and a half for my nieces to go before Christmas and how could I possibly get more than that done?! Then I clicked on the link, and I felt like the biggest jerk in the world.

The campaign is asking for 1,000 red hats by mid January for Mended Little Hearts of West Michigan. They need them to help keep all the babies born with congenital heart defects warm while they are hospitalized and healing.

My nieces, thank God, are perfectly healthy, and probably don't really need another hat. These kids do.

So I pushed through the hat I was in the middle of (the drama of having only one set of DPNs), and started on a red hat. I hope to get a few done before the due date. And this effort, to help others with a new hobby I am so addicted to, shall be called "stitch and fix" from now on. You know, like fix problems while stitching? Crafty, right!? After the red hats, I want to check with hospitals here and see if they have anything similar. 

If you want to knit or crochet red hats by January 21, you can mail them to MLH West Michigan P.O. Box 215 Alto, MI 49302 or click here for more information.

Be the change. Make the difference.

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