Wednesday, January 7, 2015

locks of love - round three

The fist time I donated my hair doesn't really count. I was a child and had practically never gotten an actual hair cut. My hair was down past my butt by the time I was in first grade. So we chopped it, and like any good Spenner, we held on to the chopped section for years before I realized I could donate it to a child in need of a wig.

The second time (which is really the first) I donated my hair was really nothing at all I had planned. I found said first pony tail from first grade, and realized my hair was about that long again...which was only out of pure laziness/cheapness. I had survived freshman year at Grand Valley, and it turns out when you have to pay for things on your own, you realize just how much those things cost. Like hair cuts. So I didn't cut it and by the end of the summer of '06 it was plenty long enough to donate to Locks of Love.

I wanted to start something, a rotation of sorts of donating hair. So I was excited to grow it out again after the first donation, but at the same time HATED how short it was. So it got long-ish again, and I got annoyed of it and chopped it before it was Locks of Love length.

So I started over and really committed.

The actual second time I donated my hair, I had convince my cousin Leah to do it with me. At the time, I think she was in a similar state that I was the first time around...laziness and just not wanting to pay for a cut :) I was living in Holland at the time and C was in Alpena, so I had to occupy my mind with things like running and changing the world. So we found a little salon in Holland and Leah and I both chopped off around eleven inches to help make a wig for a child battling cancer.

That was August of 2012. Right before C proposed and we got married and life changed for the better, for forever. Which seems like so long ago...but two-ish years is enough (apparently) for my hair to grow Locks of Love length. So here we are.

I've scheduled an appointment with my BFFs mom, and the one who has managed my hair for oh so long, for MONDAY. I've taken the day off work. I know from experience this A) will take a while to physically do and B) will make me really sad and immediately miss my long curls. So, I'll take the day at the salon and then probably immediately go to lunch with my BFF who is always, always there at my side with whatever part of the world I am trying to save at the moment.

Do YOU have 10 inches of hair you would like to donate? Click here for all the info on how you can help a child that has lost their hair due to a medical condition. 

Be the change. Make the difference. 

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