Thursday, March 26, 2015

friday (a lot of) fives.

okay okay, so I've been slacking lately! But there is SO MUCH to be thankful for.

ONE. Thankful for a cancer lump clean out of my aunt and a small amount of treatment needed.

TWO. Thankful for my Great Uncle Bill who recently passed away, the man he was, and the family him and Aunt Ida created. I will always remember them at family reunions and truly look up to every person on that side of the family.

THREE. Thankful for another successful family event for our program at work (and that people eventually showed up).

Thankful for another successful WALK at work, and all the money we raised and no rain/snow on us...and especially my family for coming out to support me.

FIVE. Thankful for my husband who tells me I'm pretty even though my face has exploded and I'm clearly not pretty.

SIX. Thankful for a fun night with two of my favorites to see Miranda Lambert in concert! SUCH a good show and even better company.

SEVEN. Thankful for a new opportunity that has presented itself to give new donations to our clients at work, and all the people who helped with it behind the scenes.

EIGHT. Thankful for my sister and our friendship and being so blessed to have her by my side all these years.

NINE. Thankful for my Cameo and her engagement and wedding plans and LOVE and a new chapter.

TEN. Thankful for my husband (again/always/still) who manages my anxiety about everything so well. 


  1. Wow...lots this week. Yay, Kim is getting married. How exciting. Miss you! Xoxo

  2. Miss you too! See you next weekend!