Wednesday, April 1, 2015

strangers helping strangers.

I have this person I need to thank, and brag about, but am very limited in doing so. The first problem is I have never actually met her in real life! She is my husband’s friends wife…and even though I haven’t met her yet she is doing big things.

She has managed to gather all sizes, shapes and colors of SHOES for our clients, but I can't tell you how. All I can say is she has magical powers to get these items and cannot tell you any more :)

this was my cube at work last week :)
Crazy, right? And sort of cryptic.

But beautiful all the same.

It makes my heart happy to know there are people out there that know they have a way they can make a difference in their community, and they step up to the plate to do just that. 

My husband’s friends wife may never really understand the impact she is having on the lives of families in Kalamazoo. She does not get to see the faces of the families and children when they receive these items. These nice, pretty, almost brand new shoes they would never have been able to get on their own. 

But I get to see their reaction, and it is the greatest thing. 

So thank you to my husband’s friend’s wife and your magical powers. You are doing great things, and our clients are forever grateful to you.

Be the change. Make the difference.

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