Saturday, June 20, 2015

love is louder.

The news can be so depressing, right? Usually Cory and I can't stay awake until 10pm to catch the news anyway, but when we do it's so sad. Every story seems to be about something terrible, and very rarely do you see an uplifting story.

A few weeks ago, this article came out on Mlive about some vandalism in Kalamazoo. I couldn't even be bothered to click on it because seriously...the headline was enough. Just from the bold title it was easy to see some bored, ignorant person with nothing better to do, took some chalk and drew things like swastikas all over. Annoyed at the things people do when they have so much hate inside them, I ignored it and went on browsing.

Not long after... I come across this article, and immediately feel hope return to the world! One family decided to go out and change the message to one of hate, to one of love. One woman and her two daughters went out and drew hearts and happy messages all over instead. 
courtesy of mlive

Not only did they bring messages of love back into their neighborhood, but this mom taught an awesome lesson to her daughters. That despite all the hate in the world, you should choose to show love no matter what. I love that!

Why can't their be more stories about awesome things like THAT?

Be the change. Make the difference.

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