Thursday, January 21, 2016

just had to wait for it.

2015 brought a lot of changes for me, the biggest one being a career move. I left a job I loved at a nonprofit, housing homeless people in Kalamazoo, to go back to property management and take a job as a Property Manager. 

What we did at HRI  was hard work, and rewarding some days, but I had known for a while I was not a lifer. There are a handful of wonderful, strong women that have been there since I was in high school, even middle school. They have an amazing gift to help everyone, and though they have hard days, continue to fight and believe in the best of everyone they serve. 

I tried to be like them, but could not. 

It is the most exhausting thing when you fight so hard for something or someone, but no progress is made. They show up in your office six months later, right back where you found them. Or when you fight harder for someone than they will fight themselves, and they disappear because no matter what, they know they can't be helped.

A little cynical still, right?

Maybe a little. But I also realized that I am someone that needs progress to feel beneficial. So, I went back to my Campus West roots, in the job I thought was just a college job.

An amazing company took a chance on me, and seeing all the leasing experience I had, gave me an opportunity to start at the next step up. It's hard to put into words how this job came at the perfect time, and has been such a blessing in the few short months I've been there. 

I knew God had a plan all along, I just had to wait for it. 

I'm happy to be back in the other side again, and although sometimes my brain reverts back to HRI mode, and I feel bad for leaving... I know God is still using me for good. That's why I'm back here again. I have a lot to say and people I want to help. 

And if my writing can inspire one person to make a difference, or have faith in God, then that's all that matters


  1. I am so proud of you, Jessie! Glad the move has worked out for you!