Tuesday, February 2, 2016

walk for the homeless

The annual Walk for the Homeless for Housing Resources, Inc. is coming up in March, and although I will not be able to attend (sorry GB!), I am asking for your donations again.

Let me give you a refresher:

HRI is an amazing organization I worked for that helps house homeless individuals and families in the Kalamazoo area. Their mega fundraiser is the WALK where most of the donations go straight to the Eleanor House.

Let me give you another refresher:

I spent almost three years going to the Eleanor House every other morning, speaking to the homeless families staying there, and frantically trying to house them. The Eleanor House is the only homeless shelter in Kalamazoo where families can stay together, marriage or no marriage. Other shelters split the men and the women, with good reason...but also splits up families in doing so.

The Eleanor House has dedicated staff that try so hard to help these families figure out how to stabilize and find a permanent home. While they are doing that, they are organizing chores, making sure the families are looking for jobs or housing, they are keeping up with the house...which is actually a historic home divided into six rooms and two bathrooms. The staff there are like superheros.

This organization and this "temporary home" for Kalamazoo families means a lot to me, and I would like to give back financially since I was not able to stay and continue to fight the good fight. Click HERE to go to my page and make a donation, or join my team and register to WALK!

Be the change. Make the difference.

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