Tuesday, March 29, 2016

why GOTR at this age

Think back to when you were 12 years old. Around seventh grade, hormones kicking in, feeling awkward and trying to fit in, right? Easy to sum up for just about everyone at that age. Let me tell you a story about me at that time.

I was school shopping with my dad the fall before 7th grade. How he managed to spend time shopping with me is something I will never understand, but that is the besides the point. I remember him telling me I could spend a certain amount of money on school clothes, and asked where I wanted to go. I immediately told him Abercrombie & Fitch, a well known, very expensive store in the mall, where all the "cool kids" shopped. 

So, he lovingly followed me there, and patiently explained to me that I could spend ALL of my money on ONE shirt there, or go to another store and get a few things instead. I, of course, insisted on the one A&F shirt, and proudly wore it in my school picture that fall. (Clearly that was a great plan because you can't even see the logo in the shirt...oops!)

Looking back, it's insane. Why spend so much money on one shirt just to fit in? I was already stuck in "The Girl Box," and didn't even know it yet.

Fitting in becomes all you can think about around this age, and studies show between the ages of eight and twelve, girls especially struggle. They still listen to adults, but are beginning to feel the pull of peer pressure and all the joy that comes with it.

Girls On The Run focuses on these ages for that reason, and have developed something they refer to as "The Girl Box." This is a place where girls feel as if they are valued more for their appearance, who their friends are and what kind of clothes they wear as opposed to the strength of their character. THIS is the best time to address personal and relationship issues with a girl because it is when they begin to learn how to manage it all. GOTR helps girls during this time manage their emotions, learn the dangers of gossiping, how and when to speak up for yourself...and anything in between. They call it staying OUT of that girl box!

Help girls stay away from the box and learn all about how to manage their feelings and place value on the RIGHT things! Click HERE to donate to GOTR and support my 10K

Be the change. Make the difference. 

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