Monday, January 31, 2011

the difference

Well, since it's the last day of January, I suppose I should update you with how the food drive went this month :)

I am SO excited about how much food was donated! Here is what we did:

-33 cans of veggies and soup
-14 cans of fruit
-7 cans of meat
-5 jars of peanut butter
-3 cans of jelly
-6 boxes of cereal or oatmeal
-7 boxes of nutrition bars or pop tarts
-1 giant box of 50 fruit snacks
-16 juice boxes
-2 64oz juices
-6 packs of 4 puddings
-3 packs of 6 applesauce
-2 spaghetti noodles and sauces
-6 boxed desserts
-4 corn muffin boxes
-4 rice boxes

=119 items total! 


I'm not sure how much of my car they will fill up, but I will post pictures when I load it all in. I'm meeting Kim this weekend to give all of it to her, so I will find out just how close we got to filling up my car!

THIS is how we made a difference this month. Nice work team :) In February I will be featuring the local animal stay tuned next month!

Please don't let your donations end when I end my blog coverage on KLF! Visit the Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes website by clicking here and make a donation! The people of Kalamazoo need us. I'll keep you updated if they have any events in the future too!

Be the change. Make the difference.

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