Thursday, February 10, 2011

Harbor Humane Society

Here is the run down on the Harbor Humane Society.

They are the only humane society in all of Ottawa County. The three main things they do are provide animal protection and care, assist with adoption and educate and provide services to the community. 

They provide shelter for lost, abused and unwanted animals. They provide vaccinations and medication for them. They assist in placing animals in humane homes that fit the animals needs. They provide tagging and micro-chipping for animals adopted from them. They promote spay/neutering.  They provide educational handouts through local pet stores, libraries and media.  

This place does it all. And with a very small staff and in a small building for the amount of animals it has and receives every day.   

They have about 200 volunteers that clean cages and walk dogs. They have 55 dogs and 75 cats up for adoption--around 90 of them live at the shelter, and others live in foster homes. Around 90% of their funding comes from donations.

This is Lauren (and Bentley, more about him later!), she is the Volunteer Coordinator at HHS.   

She pretty much rocks. While she was giving me a tour of the place, she was thanking volunteers for coming, answering others questions (and all of mine), and showing so much love to the animals. It is so great to meet someone so passionate about their job!

Stay tuned for the first featured animal :) In the mean time, click here to buy a photograph of mine to help the animals at HHS. OR click here to go to the Harbor Humane Society's website and donate straight to them!

Be the change. Make the difference.  

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