Thursday, March 31, 2011

the difference -- Holland Rescue Mission

There are points throughout this project when I feel let down by people and discouraged about the whole thing. 

March, however, blew me away...

Although there was one major low point during the month, there were a few very strong signs that told me to keep going (I am now calling them Godwinks--read the book if you haven't!). 

And I am so happy that I did keep going, because the turn out this month was awesome! As you all know, my boss at one of my jobs allowed me to throw a Bingo Night with admission being three cans of food for HRM. 

While there was not a huge turn out for the actual Bingo Night, the residents pulled through and several of them still dropped off food to the office to give. This pretty much made me want to cry and hug every one of them :) Don't worry, I held back. 

Still got a few more donations AFTER this picture too!

So, the numbers are in! This month, we collected 130 cans/items of food! That is truly amazing!

If you are still interested in making a financial donation to the Holland Rescue Mission, click here to go to their website! Please continue to donate and volunteer with places like HRM--and I will keep you updated on any other events they have coming up!

Nice work people. You continue to amaze and inspire me.

Stay tuned, next month is going to be a whole new ball game--we're giving clean water to the world :)

Be the change. Make the difference. 

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