Thursday, March 24, 2011

Family Hope Ministry Center

I've been able to go to the Family Hope Ministry Center a few times now. This center is a part of the Holland Rescue Mission, and is for women, children and intact families.  

Volunteers help serve three meals a day, which are prepared either in this kitchen, or the kitchen at the Men's Shelter. There are also residents assigned to help serve and clean up the meals as well. 

Working in this kitchen has been quite the experience for me. Most people were so nice and grateful, and the volunteers were always so happy to be there.

This is something great that anyone can do! I met one woman who volunteers for one meal, once a week. And just with that one meal, she helps so many people! It takes about two hours to help prepare, serve and clean up a meal--which is not much time at all!  
Plus, you get to meet knew people and make a difference in their lives. If you'd like to get involved and help serve meals at the HRM, contact my friend Martha :

I truly believe that there is something little that each of us can do all the time to make the world a better place. If you're waiting for a sign--for something to plop down on your it is people.

Be the change. Make the difference.

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