Monday, April 4, 2011

change for change

My original idea for this month was to have everyone just "find" spare change around their house. This idea was solely based on the fact that I leave change everywhere. It was brought to my attention that not everyone is this way--so we came up with the water bottle idea.

However, I would like to share with you what I did find on my spare change hunt.

First I found these, which were at my dad's house--the yellow one is mine, the blue one is Jackie's. Mine is clearly labeled on the bottom:

Anyway, I emptied the change out of these, and then came back to my apartment and emptied all the change from all of my purses. And then I remembered I also have another change jar that has been sitting full for years now. So...we started counting...

 And counted more...

In the end, I had approximately $43 just sitting around my apartment in various places! FORTY THREE DOLLARS! Isn't that silly? 

That's almost my Charter bill for one month. That could take me to Alpena and maybe a little ways back. That's at least two new pairs of shoes from Target.

And it was all just sitting there, doing nothing. And while I of course could use it on things like bills and gas and shoes I don't need...there's a better use for it. 
It's going to save the world. $43 isn't going to bring clean water to everyone, but it's a start. The response from this month's challenge already is enough hope for me....I know we'll get to that $700 goal :) Search through your house and purses, or collect it throughout the month--whatever works for you!

On that note, please email me at and let me know if you still need a water bottle to fill up! I would love to see pictures and hear your stories about your water bottle too!

OR, if you would like to make a financial donation on your own, sans a water bottle, click here to go to the Clean Water For The World website. 

I also need to thank my friend Emily from Fifth Third Bank who donated all the rolls to use this month! Thanks Em!  

I'll be back in a few days to tell you more about Clean Water For The World! 

Be the change. Make the difference.

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