Friday, April 15, 2011

update on change

It has been a busy week! I received TWO full water bottles this week and am so excited to update you with the amount we already have to give to Clean Water For The World!

First of all, the water bottle I received earlier this week had $35.87 in it! Thank you to Jack and Lynne for doing such an awesome job! I was honestly amazed when I was done counting at just how much that little water bottle can hold.

Secondly, my friend Jordan went to GVSU with me, and now lives in the apartments I work at. So, of course, I convinced him to be a part of my blog. Not only did he bring in a big bag of dog food for The Harbor Humane Society in February, but he has also filled up one whole water bottle already!

He brought it in to work and I sent him back out with another one to fill :) Nice work Jordan--your bottle had $27.00 in it!

Now, on to the grand total so far! Right now, I have collected $105.00!

I am SO so excited that it is only halfway through the month and we already have so much!  

You all amaze me.

Only $595 left to go :) 

If you need a water bottle/another water bottle, please email me at ALSO if you are far away and still want to donate click here to go directly to the Clean Water For The World website to make your donation!

Be the change. Make the difference.

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