Sunday, July 17, 2011

the map

When I visited Kids' Food Basket, I was able to get a better idea of just how many kids they serve and where. Before I show you the map, you have to understand the map key:

Each different color symbolizes a different school, and where they are at in the sack supper program. The percentage is the number of students that are getting free or reduced breakfast or lunch through their school program. As you can see, the red dots have assistance from KFB and the sack supper program, and the blue dots are on the wait list. 

Now, here is the map:

To put this in perspective for you, that line going down the map, near the middle of the image is US 131. There's a lot of red and blue dots, not far from where you pass through on the S Curve. Grand Rapids is an amazing city, with so much to offer. But it's also a struggling city. 

GR has a food hardship rate of 19.4%, ranking it 34th among the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the US. This percentage is higher than Detroit (18.8%) and Chicago (17.4%).

This last image shows the schools Kids' Food Basket helps. The number written in black is how many students at that school that will receive a sack supper, and the numbers in blue is how much KFB brings to them. 
For reference, this is what a tub looks like:  
The schools and summer park programs that receive assistance from KFB  have 80% or more of students that live at or below the poverty level. Coming up next I will tell you all about how KFB serves approximately 4,000 students each day at 25 different schools. Stay tuned :)

You can still win Whitecaps tickets by bringing me a donation for KFB/my early birthday present! Or click here to go straight to the Kids' Food Basket website and make a financial donation!

Be the change. Make the difference.

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