Thursday, November 3, 2011


In The Image began in 1987 when Reverend Barb Peckich and Reverend George Heartwell noticed homeless men digging through a pile of discarded clothing in the corner of Heartside Ministries chapel. There were always donations made to the church, however the donations would often end up in a pile unorganized and unavailable to those who needed them. 

They began to organize a group of volunteers to start a clothing bank in the basement of Heartside Ministries and by 1988 a program was established. A year later they opened a storefront on Division Ave and the program was named "In The Image." This name comes from Jesus' teachings in Mathew 25 that all men and women are created in the image of Christ and worthy of being treated with dignity in all areas of life.

Serving about 200 people each month, In The Image was growing as they set up an atmosphere for clients to shop free of charge. Only two years later, they relocated to a larger facility and also began delivering items to families. 

In it's first five years, furniture deliveries and shoppers increased nearly 300% and in 1999, they once again moved locations to accommodate their growth. Throughout the next decade, the organization continued to grow including the addition of the S.H.O.E.S Program (more on this later!), and by 2010, the number of families served per week increased to over 800.

To help In The Image this month, I will be collecting warm weather items (and/or any other donated housewares, furniture, etc.). Every Tuesday they update a list on their website of most needed items, so start there if you are shopping (or sewing!). More about them to come!

Be the change. Make the difference.

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