Monday, January 2, 2012

creative gifts.

Jackie & I circa 1990
Throughout FIVE family Christmas celebrations this year I found three wonderful women I have to thank.

The first is my sister Jackie. I have looked up to her quite literally, my entire life. She has always been cooler than me, had cuter clothes (and shoes!), better toys, better handwriting, better hair...the list goes on. All around, she has always been the image of a confident, successful, intelligent, beautiful woman that I aspire to be. This holiday season she has given me yet another reason to admire her and her selflessness. Her and her husband Joffrey decided to do Adopt-A-Family for Christmas. 

They signed up through The Salvation Army and were assigned a family with a mom and a dad, and three children. They received a wish list and sizes/ages for the family and then bought gifts and clothing for them which were delivered in time for Christmas. What an amazing way to give back during the holidays!

The next two lovely ladies I need to thank are Cory's cousin Erin, and his sister-in-law Sarah. Erin drew my name in our Christmas gift exchange and not only bought me an iTunes gift card, but also donated two toys to Toys for Tots! She even made a cute little note and put it in the gift bag :) 

Last but not least, Sarah gave me wrist sweatbands to wear while running. But they weren't just any sweatbands...they were breast cancer awareness ones with little pink ribbons on them! Awesome!

Thank you Jackie, Erin and Sarah for your gifts and giving back this holiday season. You are amazing!

Be the change. Make the difference.  

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