Wednesday, March 14, 2012

beautiful notes.

As you may or may not know, I had to have my wisdom teeth out this past Friday and have recovered fairly well...all things considered. My amazing boyfriend and my mother came to take me to surgery and take care of me afterward...and they were GREAT. Cory waited on me all weekend and made sure I had every little thing I needed. He also seemed to memorize the after surgery instructions and made sure I did everything I needed to exactly when it needed to be done. I'm so happy these two love me in all my glory (see picture).

My mom has been leaving beautiful notes from Operation Beautiful around Kalamazoo/Portage since I've been blogging about them. She is so sweet--she left me my very own in my apartment! So, in the midst of pain, Vicodin, tears, naps, more pain and even more Vicodin...I walk into my bathroom and find this:  

It made me so happy to see! Of course she's my mom, and he's my Cory Dean...they HAVE to love me when I look terrible and can't do anything for myself and have bloody gauze in my mouth. But I didn't feel beautiful, and this little love note was enough to make me feel better...which is precisely what Operation Beautiful is all about! I think I will leave it there for a while :)

Have you left beautiful notes?! Email them to me at - I would love to see them! Check out Operation Beautiful for more on how to get help and help others with self esteem issues.

Also, a quick update on my fundraising for the River Bank Run and Safe Haven Ministries... I was able to figure out how to input all the offline donations today, so the total is updated! We have raised $295 so far for Safe Haven! Thank you to my Uncle Jim & Aunt Linda, Grandma Lois and cousins Jen & Don for making that happen. You still have time to donate--click HERE to support Safe Haven and my run! 

Be the change. Make the difference.


  1. I didn't know about you having your wisdom teeth pulled . . . happy you are on the mend . . . and you are always BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Oh thanks Lynne! Recovery has been a challenge but feeling better now!