Monday, March 12, 2012

b.i.c. bands

Remember my personal trainer/running coach/assistant manager/good friend from work, Jess who has brainwashed me into loving running? Well, she also found this awesome site called BIC Bands, which are headbands that make a difference! 

BIC Bands stands for Because I Can Bands, which started out with Sandy, a girl in California looking to raise money for her first run by making and selling these headbands. She raised so much money, that after her race she decided to continue making/selling them and give back to a different organization each month! In January and February, she raised $2600 for Pedicatric Cancer Research Foundation. AWESOME! 

So, naturally I had to immediately buy some. And by some I mean two. The reviews are great--these are NON-SLIP headbands that are cute and in all different colors and sizes. This month, the money she raises goes to Huntington's Disease Society. So if you are looking for a new headband or a gift for your favorite runner, buy some HERE and make a difference while you shop!

Be the change. Make the difference.

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