Monday, March 5, 2012


As you all know, I am training to run in the River Bank Run for Safe Haven Ministries, which provides domestic violence services to the women and children of Grand Rapids. While I do not have my own story to tell first hand about being in an abusive relationship, I feel that there are so many women that need our help who do have a story. 

Miranda Lambert has a story. She is one of my favorite artists because she writes most of her own songs and tells it like it is. She wrote Gunpowder and Lead based on the lives and stories of the women her parents would take in when she was a child. Their home was often a shelter for women running from abusive relationships, and she saw first hand what they went through.

The song talks about a woman in an abusive relationship finally standing up for herself, and killing the man who has beaten her. Now, in no way am I condoning violence--but I love the song for the fact that it's about the woman standing her ground and getting out of the relationship.

If you or someone you know needs help, click here for all the ways Safe Haven Ministries can help you. Or if you would like to donate to my run and support the services at Safe Haven, click here.

Be the change. Make the difference. 

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