Wednesday, April 18, 2012

love the way you lie

Rihanna and Eminem got together and created a song called "Love the Way You Lie," and it's by far one of my favorites. It tells the story of an abusive relationship and how toxic and hard to leave it can be. The lyrics are so descriptive of the constant battle between the two in the relationship and the whether or not they should stay together or leave. 

I'm happy that almost twenty years after the song Independence Day was released and banned from most radio stations for its content...other songs like this one have emerged to tell the story. 

The video for the song is so intense, I debated putting it on the blog. But if I don't have the courage to write about it, and pass it on...aren't I just part of the problem? Turning my head and maneuvering around the seriousness of the issue doesn't help. Not talking/singing/writing about major issues don't make them go away--making people aware of them is when change happens.

For a version of "Love The Way You Lie Part II", check out the awesome job that Colton Dixon on American Idol did last week: 

If you would like to help women and children running from abusive relationships in Grand Rapids, click here to make a donation on my fundraising page. A special shout out to my cousin Kellie and her husband Mike for making a donation this week--we are up to $618! 

Be the change. Make the difference.

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