Monday, April 9, 2012

running and running. and more running.

Since my wisdom teeth surgery, I have been slowly working back into longer and longer distances. It seemed easier when it was 80 degrees outside and there were things to keep me occupied, like looking at everything blooming, seeing all the other people out and about or figuring out which route I wanted to take. But getting back on the treadmill (the weather decided to flip back to 30 degrees, in case you didn't notice) has been pretty annoying. I've worked my way back up to two and a half miles, and hope to head on to the full 5K this week. 

I've also began cross training, and taking time to improve muscle strength too. I'm hoping this helps my stamina in the long run, and helps my body get stronger.

There is still a ways to go both in training and raising money for Safe Haven Ministries, but I think that's okay. My goal has been to run the 5k race and raise money for Safe Haven, and I had set specific goals for each. I want to finish in less than 30 minutes for the race, and I want to raise $1,000 in donations. I was focused on the numbers for a long time, but I'm focusing more now on just the change I have made.

I have turned the way I take care of myself around. Before, I would get winded just walking up the flight of stairs to my apartment. Now, I can run two and a half miles straight, without stopping for a break. I've lost a little weight and created a healthy lifestyle for myself that I am positive I won't go back on after this race. 

And even if I don't hit the $1,000 mark for donations, we have still collected $432 for Safe Haven so far, with still a month to go! Almost $500 is A LOT of money that can go a long way in helping women and children running from abusive relationships. So, even if I don't hit the exact numbers, I'm a happy girl for the changes that have been made.

Oh, and remember those wonderful people I spoke about in my last post? The ones who I don't have to ask twice to give, and are constantly supporting me? Here are another three: my wonderful sister, Jackie who really is the one who inspired me to run in the first place. And my Uncle Mike and Aunt Marlene from Orlando, who from thousands of miles away still support and encourage me. Thanks to all three of you for your donations! 

Click here to donate to Safe Haven Ministries! Your money will help women and their children get the help they need to leave an abusive relationship.

Be the change. Make the difference.