Wednesday, January 30, 2013

help megan!

Do you remember my friend Megan? I just recently posted about her and her Locks of Love donation, but she is currently in Honduras working for The Micah Project. Well, she is in need of our help! Please read the following post by her dad to hear about what happened and how you can help:
"Hello Friends & Family members:

As you all know, my daughter, Megan, lives in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and works as a missionary/teacher/caregiver for the boys of the Micah Project. This is her 5th year of living in Honduras. She is extremely grateful and thankful to all of you who have been providing her with financial support as she receives no income from her work with Micah and she must raise all her own funds to support her work expenses, living expenses, college loan expenses, and travel expenses to/from the U.S. Through prayerful effort and from loving and generous hearts, people have supported Megan with their financial gifts.

Last week, Megan, along with the other Micah staff members and the Micah boys, traveled to the north coast of Honduras to serve with a team of American physicians and dentists who were coming to the region to provide healthcare services to the local population living in that coastal area. Megan primarily worked as a translator for the physicians and dentists during their procedures and treatments and also worked as a translator in the pharmacy with dispensing medications to the local population.

Upon returning to Tegucigalpa yesterday, Megan discovered that her apartment had been burglarized while she was away last week. The thief or thieves were able to access her apartment through a ventilation opening in the roof of the 3 story building into her apartment on the third floor. Because of the way it occurred, It was obvious that the person or persons responsible for the burglary had been watching Megan and her apartment (this is a building with about 10 apartments where the occupants are all Americans) and were waiting for an opportune time to gain entry through the roof. The roofline is covered along its complete perimeter with a huge amount of razorwire but the thieves were able to gain access to the roof in spite of the security measures that existed.

Unfortunately for Megan, many of her most valuable material possessions were stolen: Apple computer, external hard drive, a Kindle Fire, her cash, her brand new pair of running shoes, and other personal items. The cost to purchase and replace her stolen items and to ship them to her will be between $2500 and $3000.

Many of you have been supporting Megan with your prayers and with your monetary gifts during her time in Honduras. For all your support she is eternally grateful. During my travels to Tegucigalpa I’ve learned that Megan lives very simply and frugally. You can be completely confident that every dollar she receives in support is highly valued. There are wonderful things happening in Tegucigalpa with the boys of the Micah project and with the ‘street kids.’ A goal of the Micah Project is to form Christian leaders who can go out and serve their communities and that is indeed happening. The boys and young men of Micah are being taught to, “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with their God-Micah 6:8.”

At this time I am looking to find 600 individuals who could each provide at least a one-time $5 emergency gift to fund the cost of replacing the items that were stolen from Megan. If, after prayerful consideration, you wish to provide a financial gift to Megan, you may make your tax-deductible donation by following the instructions outlined below. If you have other friends and family members with whom you could share this information, that would be terrific. The next semester of school at Micah is starting next week and Megan needs to get a new computer to use in her role as teacher.

To make an online tax-deductible gift for Megan’s work with the Micah Project in Honduras, go to this website:
1. Click on the “DONATE” tab
2. Click on “DONATE ONLINE! Click here”
3. Click on “Missionary Support”
5. Scroll down the alphabetical list to select “Scheumann, Megan – HONDURAS”
6. Click on “DONATE” and proceed to enter your information

If you would prefer to mail in your gift, you may send it to:
World Outreach Ministries
PO Box B
Marietta, GA 30061
Reference: Megan Scheumann, #84

Thank you very much for your time to read this message. If you have any questions for Megan, you may email her at

Las bendiciones de dios para usted este dia.
(God’s blessings to you this day)

If you have an interest in possibly traveling to Honduras, let me know. I’ll be happy to have you join me on my next trip there in April of May.

Stan Scheumann
p.s. If you receive a duplicate of this message, I apologize. I’m working with Megan to merge a couple of email lists together and some email addresses may be duplicated."

Help Megan save the world by helping her get her things back! Or, if you have been waiting for the opportunity for a mission trip type excursion to is your chance :)

Be the change. Make the difference.

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