Wednesday, December 18, 2013

a different kind of shopping

One of the things that the staff at the Eleanor House does is they put together a shopping room for the parents currently staying at our shelter. Some of the donations you provided us with will go into a room at the House, where parents can go in and pick out gifts for their children. Then, the parents are able to wrap the presents in time to give to their children on Christmas day. 

My dad and stepmom gave me a cash donation, so I bought a little more specific gifts for our families currently staying there. It allowed the flexibility to think of the ages of the kids we have there now and what gift they might like to open. The items below will be in our shopping room for the parents to pick out. 

Along with a cash donation, they also gave several rolls of wrapping paper for the parents to use. Thanks Dad and Susie for your generosity and support to families in are wonderful!

Be the change. Make the difference.


  1. Its absolutely necessary to imagine life outside of yourself. That's what your Dad and Susie did by helping support families in need. grateful that they looked beyond

  2. Aren't they great Sonnie?! Thanks for your nice words :)