Monday, December 16, 2013

beanie babies!

Remember these guys?! The craze that drove the world insane...hunting and standing in lines just to get the latest purple hippo. I was a demanding little elementary school kid when Beanie Babies were cool, and my father will always remind me of the time I tried to convince him to buy me this one specific bear. My reasoning was "But Dad! It's only $150!" 

Seriously. One hundred and fifty dollars. For a bear.

Regardless of the craze they sent us into, or how many silly attempts at convincing our parents to buy just one more....the trend is long gone. That's why a long time family friend of ours, Deb, decided to donate her collection to HRI. 

These animals are in great condition and they are perfect for our gift box at the office. We have had several little ones on their way out of their appointment stop and pick up their favorite animal to take home. Thanks Deb for your donation! You are great :)

If you'd like to donate items to HRI, our Rickman House or the Eleanor House, get your items to me by the end of this week. 

Be the change. Make the difference.

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