Friday, October 3, 2014

friday five

yes, the Friday Five lives on. Life is too short not to stop and be thankful for all you are blessed with.

ONE. Thankful for steady, good friends who over the years are still by my side....from field trips, formal dances and working End of Season, to happy hour, game nights and halfway dinner dates :) 

TWO. Thankful for a second summer so that I can still run outside in October.

THREE. Thankful for health insurance and the ability to see a doctor and a dentist regularly.

FOUR. Thankful for a patient husband who lovingly explains things to me in forty seven different ways so I understand.

FIVE. Thankful for never having to live in the scary side of a town. 


  1. 1. Thankful for the surgery my daughter had that helped her walk again.
    2. Grateful for having a best friend who would be there for me anytime, anywhere. And, I for him.
    3. Thankful for for cute little home.
    4. There's a bed that awaits me every night, unlike the homeless who don't know where they'll lay their head.
    5. Thankful for the change of seasons, and that I love every one of them.