Monday, January 19, 2015

friday five on monday.

busy weekend! sorry for the delay but can't forget to stop and be thankful :)

ONE. Thankful for being able to grow hair long enough to donate to a child in need. Miss my long curls still, but getting used to the new hair.

TWO. Thankful for Kalamazoo Beer Week, trying new beer and some QT with my two favorite men.

THREE. Thankful for the ability to buy warm weather clothes and not need to go without or ask for financial help to get them.

FOUR. Thankful for a double date at Sky Zone, a surprise old friend run in, and a LOT of good laughs and exercise.

FIVE. Thankful for a trip to Chicago to see my three favorite girls, lots of cuddles, stepping out in a giant cube and not having it break, and some QT with my sister (SIS!!!! in the words of Jojo).

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  1. LOVE this photo! Thankful the thing didn't fall to the ground!