Monday, May 9, 2011

CW4W wrap up

Today was a fantastic day! I met with Jerry and Judy Bohl, founders of Clean Water For The World to drop off our money donation and see the systems in person. 

Lets back up a little to the actual donation part, because I have not revealed still the total amount collected in April for CW4W! (drum roll please!)

Throughout the month, we collected $716.55! That is a HUGE donation, and I think Jerry and Judy thought I was kidding when I said it was mostly in change :) This is what about $570ish looks like in change, the rest was in bills and checks:

Now back to the systems--these babies are truly amazing. Jerry gave me a run down on how they work, and I was able to see first hand the entire process. (If you missed the post on how they work, click here). It is very simple, easy to upkeep, and a system this size can serve a village of 600-800 people.

They have volunteers that help build the systems, and even more volunteers that deliver/install the systems. If you are interested in either of these volunteer opportunities, email me at and I can set you up!   

Here's a close up that I liked -- the red number on the inside says "365" which is approximately how long the system can go before you have to change the UV bulb. The sprout on the side is where the clean water comes out :)

I have to tell you that at the beginning of April, I had no idea what kind of outcome we would have. I was of course nervous, and hoping for the best.... but I was sure I'd be digging into my savings to make it past our $700 goal. But once again, you all blew me away. My heart literally skipped a beat when I made the final calculations and realized we flew right by the goal.

I cannot thank you enough for donating, scrounging up your spare change, and making this happen. We have helped pay for a water system that will save lives and effect people we may never meet. I cannot put into words how happy this blog and your support makes me. Thank you a million times for your donations this month. Because of YOU people a world away no longer have to drink contaminated water, but will have a source of clean water for the rest of their life.

If you'd still like to make a financial donation to Clean Water For The World, click here to visit their website!

Be the change. Make the difference.

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