Monday, May 23, 2011


During our sophomore year of college, my friend Logan decided to go into the Marines. He was dating my roommate Ashleigh at the time and through her, I heard of his journey while he was away. Four years later, he is finally home for good :) I asked him to write a bit about the importance of support from home and here is what he had to say:

Cpl Stark
Scout Sniper Platoon
3rd Battalion 5th Marines 
OEF 10-11
Sangin, Afghanistan
Sep 10-Apr 11

"Being in Afghanistan isn't an easy thing but the one thing that you can always look forward to is care packages. I received multiple packages and letters from people that I have never met and from people who don't know me, but sometimes those are the best kind to get. Knowing that there are people out there who are making an effort to reach the troops makes the job that much easier. It is always good to remember who we are fighting for and while we do a job for our loved ones its the everyday American citizens that make the difference. So I implore you to make a difference and if you already have, thank you."
Logan is in the back all the way to the right
Thank you to Logan and all those who served with him--we are happy to have you home again! 

Please contact me at if you would like to send a letter or care package to the troops! Or visit the Any Soldier website to make a financial donation :) 

Be the change. Make the difference.

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