Thursday, August 4, 2011

stuff the bus items

As previously mentioned, this month I am featuring Stuff The Bus through the Heart of West Michigan United Way. I will be talking later on about this program, and all of what HWMUW has to offer, but I need to get you your shopping list :)

These are the items that we are stuffing the bus with for the children of Grand Rapids:

*Lined Paper                                                *Hand Sanitizer
*Pencils                                                       *Glue Sticks
*Elmer's Glue                                               *Markers
*Crayons                                                     *1x3 inch ring binders
*Tissues                                                      *Index cards
*2-Pocket folders                                          *Sanitary wipes for tables
*Printer paper (in reams)                               *Colored construction paper
*Pencil Boxes                                               *Erasers

Stay tuned for more information about why this is the month you should donate! If you'd like to get a head start about HWMUW, click here.

Be the change. Make the difference.

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