Friday, February 21, 2014

friday five.

ONE. Thankful for an awesome weekend with two of my best girlfriends...time well spent laughing, drinking wine and catching up. LOVE.

TWO. Thankful for all of the baby items I've ever been able to buy for all my little ones, that they had a place to call home to come home to, and items to take care of them. This week one of our residents at the shelter had her baby...and she's still there.

THREE. Thankful for ice cream breaks in the middle of the day because the stress and the paperwork can be a little too much. And who doesn't love ice cream?

FOUR. Thankful for Skype and being able to have a face to face convo with my sister and her family two states away.

FIVE. Thankful for optimistic people around me, while we face huge challenges at work. Maybe people with perfect sarcasim that make me laugh throughout the challenges is a better term :)

Be the change. Make the difference. 

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